Mathrock/Postrock/Experimental Circuit Event in Tokyo, Japan

NOVEMBER 24, 2019

Come Jam with us

The Line Up

This year's headliners include 

Tokyo instrumental titans, Te'.  

A special Jam Session with GT: Kida Motifour (Tricot), BS: Jun Izawa (Lite), DR: Yuta Hoshi (Dall Jub Stepclub)!

CatBamboo joins Japan for the first time from USA,

Paranoid Void shows off their new self-released single. 

 Guitar virtuoso, Ichika will also appear for an intimate set.  

Line up also includes several awesome groups from all over Japan.

The Location

Right in the middle of Shibuya, Tokyo.  Also known as "Entertainment City".  Music venues, Shibuya Lush and Home will offer the dual stage experience for all comers.

Visit their website HERE